Memorial Junior HS Students Give Back with Baskets

Memorial Junior HS Students Give Back with Baskets

Eighth-grade students in Frances Howell’s class at Valley Stream Memorial Junior High School participated in a community service activity at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, located in Valley Stream. They filled Easter baskets that were distributed to local families just in time for the holiday.

This initiative supported the school’s service learning efforts. The students had a greater appreciation of their task once they understood they were helping put a smile on other children’s faces.

After the visit, they reflected on the experience. Among the lessons students learned were, “that helping people in need is the most important thing we can do,” “that it’s nice to give back to the community,” “That it is important to help other people and when you help, it will make other people feel very happy.”033016_VSCHSD_a.jpg

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